On April 8, 1867, a key character in the history of our city, Mr. Adolfo J. Bullrich –Mayor  of Buenos Aires under the presidency of Gral. Roca- set up the Firm under the name of Adolfo Bullrich y Cía.
Now, in our  150th anniversary, with great faith in the future and at the forefront on a track whose hallmarks are vocation for service and respect for tradition, Bullrich continues with the development, progress and improvement, which are its drivers. It relies upon experienced men and enterprising young people, making up a team ready to carry on the work of the Firm’s founder, building a future worthy of its prestigious past.
With the participation of Bullrich, and often through its auctioneer’s hammer, a huge   number of tracts of land and properties were sold along the length and breadth of Argentina; land was subdivided, the city was zoned, and sires and dams and other livestock were auctioned off.

Bullrich Campos S.A. was set up in March 1993, as a successor of the Farms Department of Adolfo Bullrich y Cía. Ltda. S.A.  It consists of the same team and shares the background, track record and performance backed by 150 years of uninterrupted work throughout the country,  providing a unique service in the sale and appraisal of land.